“The One” Solution

  • THE ONE can serve as your portable tablet computer yet has enough power and ports to be the base of your complete desktop system by simply plugging your external devices into the included ports.

The Time is Now

  • If you’ve been wondering about or looking for the future of computing, THE ONE has arrived.

“The One” Windows & Android Tablet Computing

  • It’s ready to surf the web, watch TV, read a book, produce the company presentation, write the great novel and so much more.

Why Wait?

  • This is THE ONE you’ve been waiting for…so what are you waiting for?

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What They’re Saying

"The dual boot ability to Windows or Android is the best feature around. This tablet has it all! Far above every tablet I've tried out there."
- Rachel Cohen, TAG Media Group

"The One tablet has all the features anyone could want. Windows and Android are just the beginning of a speedy, hard working tablet that runs all my regular Windows programs plus all the Android Apps I can get my hands on. The fact that I have USB ports so I can plug anything into this machine is a real treat and the HDMI out port to watch on my big screen TV is a great idea. Whoever came up with The One is The One I'd like to thank."
- David Priceman, Beechwood Productions